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An Amazing Tiny Wedding at the Best Work of Art in Arlington — Kendra & Joel

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Kendra and Joel’s popup wedding is a perfect example of why being alternative wedding planners is so much fun! They had the most amazing tiny wedding at a venue that’s near and dear to our hearts — the place we took our own wedding photos, this rad mural in Crystal City that’s supposed to evoke the Wynwood Walls in Miami. Arlington is mostly known for suburban school-aged kids, and things being very expensive, but this tiny little oasis of perfection is just the best venue for a popup wedding!

We hadn’t been there since our own wedding, and it was SO much fun to go back there to plan and host a Pop! Wedding. Which reminds me, I haven’t shared our own wedding photos on here yet — get ready for those later this week!

So, Kendra and Joel. They were the most excited, in love, happy, just full of joy to be marrying each other. It absolutely made our day! I cannot imagine a more fun way to spend a Saturday morning than hanging out with awesomes like Kendra and Joel!


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Is that not the most lovable first look!? I asked Kendra and Joel to share a bit about their story.

Joel and I met through a friend of mine that was dating his brother. She didn’t know how to cook, but wanted to make breakfast for her boyfriend so I came along to help her, like a ghostwriter but for chefs. At the time Joel and his brother lived together so I ended up making him breakfast and the rest is history. We dated all through my undergrad and moved to Baltimore when I started my PhD program. 

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Kendra also shared a tip for couples who are currently planning weddings, and her advice is SPOT on. What an easy method for planning an awesome wedding!

My best planning tip is to decide what is important to each person, and focus on those 2-3 most important things. Photography was my number one priority, and Joel really wanted good food so that’s what we spent our money on. Everything else was just icing on the cake. We had our post-ceremony lunch at Wildfire with our families, and it was delicious. Can’t wait to go back for our anniversary.

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And a little about their gorgeous wedding details and how everything at their wedding didn’t quite go perfectly but it actually totally did.

I wasn’t really planning on having flowers until my Mom insisted and gifted me my bouquet. I originally ordered a bouquet from Whole Foods but they didn’t have it ready. So I went to My Florist the day before the wedding, and they made my bouquet on the spot. I also bought my hair comb the day before at Claire’s. My sister was supposed to lend me her pearl earrings as my “something borrowed”  but she forgot them. So I asked Joel to bring me the pearl earrings her had bought me for our 6th anniversary, but he brought me a random pair that I bought at the mall. Then I forgot one of the ankle straps for my shoes so my lovely sister let me wear hers and she wore my brown winter boots for the day. But all of that just makes for a fun story to tell because if I married my best friend. And I’d have done it barefoot with no flowers and whatever earrings I had on. All the rest is just stuff :) 

LOVE. Kendra and Joel, you guys are the best! <3

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Steven is my favorite wedding officiant on the planet because he gets SO excited marrying people! I couldn’t resist making a wedding gif of these images, just look at the excitement!!

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