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MARRIAGE EQUALITY!! — Scenes from the Supreme Court

Supreme Court Marriage Equality Ruling 2015

Ok, I’m obviously way too excited to write a headline. Or a blog post. Or do anything except grin and hug people!


So of course I sprinted to a cab and headed for the Supreme Court (so much regret that I didn’t go earlier this morning, I wanted to see the decision read SO badly. Who went and can fill me in!??). Here are some of the images.

I’ve photographed the elopements of couples from all over the country for years. Couples who came to DC to have an amazing wedding, but then traveled home after their wedding to a place where their marriage wasn’t recognized. And as absolutely honored I feel to be part of their wedding days, I am SO excited that from today forward, couples everywhere can get married anywhere and their marriage will be recognized EVERYWHERE. I don’t think I’ve ever felt as patriotic as I did standing on the steps of the Supreme Court as the Gay Men’s Chorus sang the national anthem. <3

Today is amazing. Our country is finally recognizing the love of so many amazing human beings for each other, and seriously: what could be more awesome than that?


Scenes from the Supreme Court after Marriage Equality Decision

The Supreme Court After the Marriage Equality Decision

the supreme court june 26 2015 marriage equality

nationwide marriage equality ruling at the supreme court

Marriage equality ruling at the supreme court in DC

Supreme Court June 26 2015


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