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A Stress Free Wedding in the Wilderness in DC — Rachel & Ted

We <3 stress free weddings over here, and Rachel and Ted’s wedding was definitely one of the most relaxed, full of excitement, stress-less celebrations we’ve been part of! We met up with Rachel and Ted at the park, and wandered around a bit to find a spot that felt like a good one for a wedding ceremony. Their vows were beautiful, and we were completely alone in the middle of what felt almost like wilderness — in the heart of DC!
Rachel shared some of their tricks for a stress-free wedding and how they planned their celebration…
Tell us about your wedding plans — why did you decide to come to DC to be married, and why did you decide to elope?
We were really excited by the idea of a Pop Wedding. It was spontaneous, fun and something totally different than what everyone else was doing.
You did a lot of awesome DIY stuff for your wedding, how did those projects work out?
They were stressful while I was working on them, but in the end, I was happy I did a lot of DIY stuff for the wedding. It saved a lot of money and made things more personal.
How did you find your outfits?
I looked at what was on sale. :)

What was your favorite part about your wedding day?
The freedom. The park was great, we got to walk around and have fun instead of being trapped in the preset social script that most weddings follow. I was able to write the vows I wanted, wear the shoes I wanted, and have the day I wanted without any judgement or explanations.


I may or may not have just gotten a snazzy new tilt shift lens before their wedding… :D





As we walked through the park, Rachel gave away paper flowers from her DIY bouquet to anyone who passed us — so many smiles!

And of course, photobombing a wedding-day selfie is always a good time :P

A few links from Rachel and Ted:

Rachel’s engagement ring is from Julia B. Jewelry
Rachel’s wedding band is from Khim Jewelry 
Ted’s wedding band is from Jewelry by Johan
Rachel’s dress was a bridesmaid dress from J. Crew

Congratulations Rachel and Ted, and thanks for including us in your wedding day! We had too much fun!

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