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An Intimate Wedding at the Apothecary Museum — Amanda & Jimmy

Intimate wedding of two chemists at a museum

What happens when two chemists get married? They have an amazing intimate wedding at the local Apothecary Museum, naturally!

Amanda and Jimmy just moved to the DC area this past year, and they wanted to celebrate their wedding here in the area while also tying in their love of chemistry and vintage glassware. And what a better place for all of those things than Old Town’s Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum! Seriously, that place is amazing. I think they give tours, too, so apart from this wedding post, if you’re in the area you should deffffinitely visit.

The wedding was filled with little noises and gestures from their young son, which is always the cutest. Kids at weddings! They are too adorable! Afterwards, we got to explore the museum for some science filled wedding photos, and check out all the way-too-cool bits of the museum. If you look really hard in these photos, you’ll actually find “Dragon’s Blood”, which was legitimately a part of this Apothecary Museum. (I know, right? Is this real life?!)

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These ladies were peering in the windows (I imagine this happens a lot when the inside of your building is so gorgeous)…


Intimate wedding in Old Town Alexandria


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Tiny Wedding Photography and Officiant in DC


A chemist wedding at the Apothecary Museum

Checking out all the botanicals and equipment…and then we saw this meat juice.

A science and chemist wedding in DC


A science and chemistry wedding in the DC area


The whole place has been impeccably preserved and contains so much original equipment. It’s like stepping into a strange and wonderful (local) time capsule.

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Intimate wedding of two chemists in Old Town, Alexandria



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The wedding of two chemists at a science museum


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The intimate wedding of two chemists at a science museum


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Congratulations Amanda & Jimmy! We had tons of fun celebrating with you and your family!


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    Wow what a beautiful venue! The floor to ceiling wooden drawers look so cool with the lighting. I really love your style!

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