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A Popup Wedding at Union Station — Cortni & Jessica

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Our couples find us in all different ways, and Cortni and Jessica’s story is especially unique. When their original wedding plans didn’t quite go as, well…planned, we were able to help the two of them plan a wedding in about a month. Our photographer Rachel Couch captured the moments as Cortni and Jessica were legally married, and we asked them to share some of their story, too:

DC Popup Wedding by Pop Wed Co (12)

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How did you decide to have a Pop! Wedding?

Jessica: Cortni and I had planned an epic destination wedding in Jamaica. Shortly after our engagement party, we found ourselves pregnant (YAY!) and the resort that we planned our wedding at burned to the ground due to political workforce issues between the Mexican company that owned the resort and the workers who were supposed to be building it. We were unable to have our wedding at the resort, as it didn’t exist, and we were out of thousands of dollars. We didn’t exactly have the luxury of time either with me being pregnant. Cortni was determined to provide a wedding experience that we could both be happy about, even if it wasn’t in Jamaica. He found the Pop Wed crew, and came home excited to tell me about it. We didn’t have our huge wedding party, but we did have an epic and beautiful private wedding in a public place, and all of our friends thought we were exceptionally cool by having such an “exclusive” wedding. It was definitely a memorable day, and those who were present (including the Pop Wed crew) were happy to share in our beautiful love story as we created a new chapter.

Love this! Steven and Rachel can confirm that Jessica and Cortni are, in fact, exceptionally cool, and not just because of their wedding! :P

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What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

Our wedding was outdoors at Union Station, so there were plenty of people walking past while we were saying our vows and walking around taking pictures, but they were SO NICE about it. Nobody was disrespectful or walked through our space. People actually stopped to watch and congratulate us also. It was almost like being famous! People we didn’t know stopping us to tell us how happy they were for us, how great we both looked, and even snapping pictures on their camera phones at random times.

The location was GORGEOUS; our pictures looked like we were in some ancient cathedral somewhere, and the people milling about gave it a kind of touristy feel. We have awesome photographs, but one of my favorites is where Rachel caught us in black and white, back to back, looking very statuesque.

DC Wedding Photography by Rachel Couch


What advice would you offer to other couples planning tiny weddings?

If nothing goes the way you planned it, trust that it will go exactly the way it is supposed to go, and the hiccups often turn into something beautiful if you go with the flow.

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All inclusive wedding package in DC

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Hey! I'm Maggie. I'm one half of Pop! Wed Co (the tiny, technicolor half) and an art director at ISL. I chase pure happiness with my camera and listen to ska along the way. Find me most anywhere @moonstompmaggie.

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  • Linda Gordon says:

    This day turned out just as special and looked as if it were originally scheduled at Union Station! Even the Sun stayed out longer because there was supposed to be rain that afternoon! As Mother of the Bride, it was exquisite! My husband enjoyed everything as well and he’s hard to please!

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