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A Tiny Halloween Wedding in DC — Kelsey & Trey


Halloween weddings this year were preeeeetty awesome! Kelsey & Trey were married right off Lovers’ Lane, and about five minutes after they were married Trey pulled out a Jason Voorhees mask for a few fun photos — our couples are so much fun :)


Kelsey shared some of their story:

Trey and I decided on Pop Wed because I did not want a huge wedding at all and yet I still didn’t want to go to the court house. After days of research I found Pop! Wed Co. and I was instantly sold!
How did you choose a Halloween wedding date?
I have always liked to idea of getting married on Halloween since its my favorite holiday and apparently Trey’s as well. We definitely got excited when we looked at the Pop Wed site and saw that Halloween was still open! Plus why not make your favorite day of the year even better by getting married to your soul mate!
What was your favorite moment of your wedding day?
My favorite part of my wedding day besides getting married was the dog that ran around us during the actually ceremony. Also when my grandma put on my leather jacket and was holding my purse. (the witch craft book) She was looking like a total bad ass.
Do you have any shopping links from your wedding outfits to share?
Trey’s Jason mask was perfect for him since one of his favorite things to do is scare me. Trey got his suit from Mens Warehouse. I just went simple and got a “Witch Craft” purse from Gypsy Warrior and my amazing beautiful dress from Pinup Girl Clothing!!

Congratulations Kelsey & Trey! You too were too much fun to celebrate with! 🎉










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