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A Popup Wedding With The Most Giant Grins — Bianca & David

All inclusive wedding package in DC

Our all inclusive wedding package is great for tiny weddings, as well as slightly larger ones with a permit! Bianca and David had about twenty guests at a local park for their popup wedding, and it was just way too much fun.

Just look at how ECSTATIC they are to be married! So much happiness, I am grinning from ear to ear just looking at these photos :D


Bride with shaved head looking awesome

Look how happy David’s mom is when she saw Bianca looking amaaazing in her wedding dress!


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All inclusive wedding package in DC

Bianca and David had a great ceremony with lots of jokes and love. Once they were pronounced married, someone produced a champagne bottle that said “Mr. and Mrs” on it, so cute! Then, this happened…

All inclusive wedding package in DC

A quick selfie with friends before I stole the two of them for portraits…

Popup wedding in Washington DC


All inclusive wedding package in DC


Washington DC Popup Weddings by Pop Wed Co


Cool groom outfit ideas

David, looking snazzy in his suit and bow tie, with some rad sunglasses to match 😎

Bride with a shaved head looking awesome

Bianca, killing it with fierce awesomeness and sporting my favorite hairstyle! With a cool design on the side, too. Next time I shave my head, I’m going to Bianca for advice, she looks amazing! And that dressss!

All inclusive wedding package in DC


Alternative Wedding Photography in Washington DC


All inclusive wedding package in DC


Ideas for comfortable bridal footwear and flip flops

Bianca had such awesome fashion. The flip flops were comfy so she could run around in the park, easy, and they are so coooool. Flats = winning for park weddings!

All inclusive wedding package in DC


Popup wedding packages in DC


DC popup weddings by Pop! Wed Co.

Ahh, so happy! <3

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